TerminalTerminal - 2016

A man walking his dog on a dark suburban street. A car comes out of nowhere and mows him down. The driver, Bruce Bower, is distraught, but the police rule it an accident and assure him that it wasn’t his fault. But it was. Bower has Stage IV lung cancer, and in a desperate attempt to provide for his wife, he turns from law-abiding citizen to paid assassin.

He’s not the first. Or the last. And as the bodies mount up, LAPD detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs have to find the person who is paying terminally ill patients $500,000 to commit one final act before they die: Murder.

It’s another high-profile case for Lomax and Biggs, but it all gets personal when one of the victims is Kristian Kraus, the doctor who diagnosed Mike’s late wife Joanie with her own terminal disease.

This is the long awaited return of Lomax and Biggs — Book 5 in the series. But you can start with this one, because the back stories are woven in for first time readers. And if you love Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs as much as I think you will, the good news is, you’ll have the first four books to look forward to.


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