nypdredfour.jpgNYPD Red 4 - 2016

A glamorous movie premiere in the heart of Manhattan. Fans stand behind police barricades awaiting the arrival of the It Girl of the hour, Elena Travers. And then, gunshots. A stretch limo careens down the street and plows head on into the pair of 800-million candle power searchlights that had been lighting up the night.

Elena is eased from the back seat, and as her blood turns the red carpet redder, she takes her final breath. Even in death she is flawlessly beautiful, except for the deep gouges on her skin where an eight-million-dollar necklace, on loan for the premiere, has been ripped from her chest.

Another high-profile case for NYPD Red’s Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald, only this time, Kylie has a case to solve on her own — her husband is missing, and she has to track him down before she gets the phone call that every drug addict’s wife dreads.

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