NYPDR3.jpgNYPD Red 3 - 2015

The dead of winter. A million dollar limo is found in a deserted parking lot near the Hudson River. The headless body of the chauffeur is on the ground nearby. When Zach and Kylie question the car’s owner, billionaire Hunter Alden, he seems oddly uncooperative. And when they ask to speak to his teenage son Tripp, the limo’s last known occupant, Alden lies about the boy’s whereabouts. It doesn’t take long for the cops to decide that Tripp has been kidnapped, and his father is covering it up—most likely following the kidnappers’ orders. As they dig deeper into the case, Zach and Kylie learn that Alden himself is guilty of a crime so heinous that he’s willing to let his own son die for his sins.


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